Buy Garbage!

  1. It saves you a trip to the store which means you will use less energy getting the movie into your home.
  2. Garbage! is shipped right from the plant it is duplicated from. Think about it. Usually, it would be shipped to a distributor then to the store. Buying it from our website means one less trip for your copy of the movie.
  3. Stores want displays and big packaging when selling stuff. Something we are against, so if you are buying the film direct you are saving the planet from even more garbage.

So why wait? Help the planet, and get your copy of Garbage! today.

Please read our FAQ.

Please Read Before You Buy.

We are a small and independent distributor that depends on DVD sales to help fund future projects for our producers. We ask you to respect the pricing policies below and pay the fee according to who you are and or how you intend to use the film.

As noted, educational and institutional (corporations, governmental bodies, libraries, charities, not for profits) pay a different rate then individuals who purchase the film for home use. The educational and institutional rates are different because Garbage! is being purchased for public performance or as a teaching aid and can be used multiple times for many years. We also have different rates for screening parties that are free to attend or parties that are fund raisers. In addition, we have set rates for theatre owners.

We believe our prices are fair and you will get tremendous value from your purchase of Garbage! If you don't agree with us, please return your copy of Garbage! to us within 15 days of your purchase for a full refund. It is our hope that your support and fair purchasing practices will enable us to continue to bring you more great titles like Garbage! in the future. Thanks and enjoy the show!

Note about Spindles: We are offering spindles of Garbage! at super discounted prices. If you purchase spindles, you are asked to give your spindle copies of Garbage! away. Under no circumstances are you permitted to resell copies of Garbage! nor are you permitted to distribute copies of the film to divisions or employees of your company, educational institution, government agency, charity or not for profit unless those copies of Garbage! are intended for PRIVATE and HOME use only.